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The Full-Time MBA Admissions team offers the insider perspective on the admissions process. They will offer advice, tips, and assistance on applying to business school and information specifically about the Chicago Booth Full-Time MBA program.


Kurt Ahlm: Associate Dean of Student Recruitment and Admissions

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Preparing for Round Three


Are you hesitant about throwing your hat in the ring with a Round Three application? There are many common misperceptions about Round Three that make candidates second-guess applying, or even their own goals.  We urge you to investigate your questions about third application rounds with each of your target schools, and to really think about what you want, and when you want it.  We hope our advice for Round Three can answer your questions as you plan for your future MBA experience.

Don’t get intimidated by the myths. We frequently hear that applicants feel they have little chance of getting accepted in Round Three. While it’s true that the third round can sometimes be more competitive simply because we have fewer spots in the class that are available, we still admit applicants in Round Three every single year. We are continually seeking those who exhibit a strong fit with Booth and who we believe will be active members within our community – and those applicants apply in every round.

Make it your best effort, not a last-ditch effort to get accepted. Treat this round with the same drive you would for any round, for any of your target schools.  We know when an application has been rushed, so make sure you’re putting together a product that you can be proud of and is an accurate representation of what you can do. Don’t use the opportunity to reapply a few months later as a back-up plan.

International students should not feel ineligible. While we encourage international students to apply in Rounds One or Two, it’s primarily just a suggestion to insure ample time to plan for such a significant life change. However, because we release our Round Three decisions in May and the mandatory new student orientation doesn’t begin typically until the first week of September, most international students will still have sufficient time to apply for loans, process their visas and plan the move to Chicago.  

Be clear about your situation. If you’re concerned that the Admissions Committee may question your motivations and wonder why you’ve applied in Round Three, then you might want to consider submitting an optional essay. Please know that this is not required and you should include one only if you feel it is appropriate.   

If you know that Booth is the right place for you, and that you are committed to starting your MBA journey this year, then we advise you to go for it! Feel free to comment or contact us with more questions about Round Three.

Best of luck,