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The Full-Time MBA Admissions team offers the insider perspective on the admissions process. They will offer advice, tips, and assistance on applying to business school and information specifically about the Chicago Booth Full-Time MBA program.


Kurt Ahlm: Associate Dean of Student Recruitment and Admissions

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April 07

Considering Round 3?

It’s never a dull moment here in the Admissions Office!  Not only are we getting ready to welcome 275 admitted students to campus tomorrow for Admit Weekend, we’re preparing to receive applications for our Round 3 application deadline on April 13.  We’ve met a lot of fantastic applicants this year, and we can’t wait to see who else we will meet in Round 3!

If you’re thinking about applying for Round 3, we thought we would use this blog entry to address any concerns you may have as well as provide you with a few important things to consider when putting together your application.

Do I have a shot at even being admitted in Round 3?
Yes! There is still room for outstanding applicants who are a great fit for Chicago Booth. It’s true that Round 3 can be more competitive than previous rounds because there are fewer spaces available since the majority of acceptances come from Rounds 1 and 2.  However, we are still continuing to shape our class in Round 3 and are looking for applicants who would be wonderful additions to our community. 

Given the competitive nature of Round 3, should I apply now or wait until next year?
As we recommend to prospective students when they’re thinking about applying to any round, it’s best to apply when you can submit the best possible application. It’s important to submit an application that is the best representation of who you are and that clearly communicates your goals for pursuing an MBA. The Admissions Committee can tell when an application has been rushed, so take your time and make sure you have an application strategy in place that leverages each aspect of your application to tell your story.

If I’m an international student and admitted in Round 3, will there be time to process my visa?
Yes! While we encourage international students to apply in Rounds 1 or 2, this is just a recommendation to help make your lives easier. We know that many of you will have to move from all areas of the globe and will need enough time to make such a big transition. Since Round 3 decisions are released in mid-May and orientation doesn’t begin until the first week of September, our international students will have enough time to process their visas throughout the summer.

If you know that Booth is one of your top choices, and you’ve put together a strong, thoughtful, and engaging application that lets your personality shine through, then we definitely encourage you to apply in Round 3.